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Consultation for Post Foreclosure Package

In the past years, we have noticed a deficit in service after an HOA has taken possession of a home. In order to fill that void, we have teamed up with a property management company. This property management company screens prospective renters and matches them with HOA foreclosed properties.

This program would place a renter, someone who would care for and maintain the property, into the home. This program is unique and specifically created for today's market to make the best out of a bad situation. There are several benefits to this plan:

Ø    The HOA doesn't have to wait for the bank to take title

Ø    The HOA has a bit more control in maintaining its interest in the property

Ø    The Board can fulfill fiduciary responsibility by maintaining the integrity of the community as well as the
               upkeep of the property

Ø    The prospective renter is responsible for maintenance; easing the cost of the Association

Ø    The HOA is reimbursed in full vs. the 9 month super priority lien in bank foreclosures

Ø    The HOA is making a positive impact on today's economic climate

Ø    The Association is paid sooner rather than later which rewards the assessment paying members by not
               having to increase assessments

This program is a living, breathing animal and is constantly changing to meet the needs of the Boards and homeowners.

Our interest is to make a Post Foreclosure Program that is seamless and cost-effective for the Board and its community. Today’s market requires a bit of creativity to help the HOAs get paid and when we are able to assist people in the process, it is extremely rewarding.

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